Income Tax Refunds - The Gift That Keeps On Giving

By Make A Difference Today • February 16, 2015

It's tax filing season again and for the few of us who are lucky to expect an income tax refund, here's something to consider.

With the money you get back, why not contribute part of it - even a small part of it, to make someone's life a little easier? Or if you're feeling generous, why not do something bigger?

There are so many causes that need YOUR help. You may think that as an individual, you can't make an impact. Truth is, you can make more of an impact than you realize.

Isn't there already enough hate, indifference, injustice, apathy in this world? Our ears and senses are flooded with it when we turn on the news. The tide of darkness grows every day, but here's your chance to shed a little light in the world - one flicker at a time.

I challenge you to pick a cause, any cause. It doesn't have to be big, it could be small. It could be putting a can of food in the food bank bin at your local grocery store. It could be adopting a dog/cat at your local animal shelter. It can be anything, but just make sure it's something.

If you and a thousand other people who read this article take ACTION, the world will be a thousand times better than it was before. You'll also be the better for it.

Spread the world and Make A Difference Today!


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