The Sisters

By Kay • February 5, 2015

Over the years I have met some very interesting people. Two of the most interesting were two elderly sisters, Joan and Bernice, who lived in Dover. I'm not really sure how I became acquainted with them to be honest, but their way of talking about people inspired me.

It was always a pleasure to visit these two sisters. Just being greeted at the door was a joy. I remember well how happy they were when I came to visit. I always heard about the people who had been there before me. Each and every person was talked about in a positive way. The conversation would go something like this, "Oh Kay so and so was here yesterday. She is just the " salt of the earth", isn't she sister?" The other sister would reply, "Oh yes she is! Kay, you just can't believe how wonderful so and so is." I never heard Joan or Bernice say a negative word about anyone. NEVER!

I understood why these two had so much company when other people complained that no one cared about them. It was their attitude towards people. I had no doubt when the next person came to visit that they were going to hear how I was the "salt of the earth" and how happy they were that I had stopped by to visit.

What a wonderful example these two elderly sisters were to me. I will always be grateful that I had the opportunity to know them.


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