3 Simple Words

By Guinea Pig Lover • February 4, 2015

My school go's from kinder garden to 6th grade. I am a 6th grader. Because of that, The younger kids look up to me and my fellow classmates. This is the story about when I used my power to make a kid feel empowered: One day, some of my friends and I, were walking to our lunch period. We were a little late, so the halls were empty. Then a little disabled boy(he needs a walker to walk) in kinder garden, comes from the elevator with his guide. We were taught to let those kids go first, so while we waited, his guide told us he refers to himself as " Fast Freddy " and then asked him to show us how fast he can go. " Fast Freddy " put a smile on his face and went as fast as he can go. Without thinking, I said " he's so fast " then as if by magic, That little boy's smile got wider and he went even faster! Next his guide gave me a thumbs up and they went wherever they had to go, and so did we. I said 3 simple words that brightened some ones day. 3 simple words!


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