The Mower

By Kay • February 3, 2015

It's interesting how everyday happenings can make you think.

I was in a hurry. I wanted to get the yard mowed before it got dark. I opened the garage door and drug out the mower. I did my usual push the little red button routine a few times and gave the cord a yank. Yippee it started right up.

I walked back and forth over the yard a few times when the mower started to act weird. "What on earth is wrong with this thing," I wondered. The mower started to make a choking sound and finally stopped. Good grief! I gave the cord several more hard yanks. I'll admit I was feeling more irritated with every pull of the cord.

I finally took a deep breath and whispered, "Lord, what is the problem?" A thought came to my mind, "I wonder if the mower is out of gas." Sure enough when I took the cap off I could see, in my hast, I had forgotten to put gas in.

As I was putting gas in the mower another thought came to my mind, "How many times have I been in such a big hurry to get on with my daily activities that I didn't take the time to fill my Spiritual tank.

This little incident taught me a valuable lesson.


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