Don't Let Your Inner Life Die

By David Musser • January 29, 2015

Whatever trials you are going through today I would implore you to avoid a state of depression as if it were the plague! Don't let your inner life die! If there is a meaning to life than there is also meaning to the trials we experience. Never give up the last of human freedoms; to choose one's own way...the ability to respond positively to life's experiences. Do not close your eyes and try to live in the past when things "were so much better." Life for such people becomes meaningless! There is one common element that goes with any trial we go through and that is, how long will this go on? Look beyond your present circumstances. Envision what you would like to do when the trial is over. Envision the attitude you would like to have while going through the trial. Can you find meaning in this trial? I believe you can! Don't get so caught up in your trial that you overlook the opportunity to make a positive impact on yourself and those around you. Do not simply give up! Dig deep, find purpose, find meaning and in doing so you will inspire greatness in yourself and in others!


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