What's In The Box?

By Kay • January 25, 2015

As I walked down to the mailbox I had no idea what was waiting there. I opened the door and saw this little box. "What on earth could this be?" I thought as I took it out. Hum, it was from Texas Wonder Pet Co. Dallas, Texas. It was addressed to Todd.

I hurried back up the hill to the house. I yelled for Todd as I opened the door and went in. "Todd, you have a little box here from Texas Wonder Pet Co. What on earth did you order?" Todd ran up the stairs from his room. "Don't worry about it Mom. Just give it to me."

"What? Give you what?" Todd grabbed the box and ran to the phone. I stood in the hall listening to him on the phone. "It's here! Come on over!" "What's here?" I wondered. Next thing I knew Todd was dialing the phone like a mad man again. "Come on over!! It's here!!"

Well, it was obvious that at least two people knew what was in the box from Texas. I watched out the window as Matt and Brett two neighbor boys came from both directions. I called Todd, Matt, and Brett the three musketeers.

There was excitement in the air as the three boys ran down the steps to Todd's room. I heard them scurrying around dragging stuff out of the closet. Everyone was talking and laughing at whatever this "Wonder Pet" was.

A short while later Todd called out to me. "Mom come down and see what I got." I hurried down the stairs to see our old fish aquarium sitting on the floor. I looked inside. I didn't see anything at first, but then the boys pointed it out I saw it... a live Chameleon!

Awe boys! You just never know what they will bring home or order through the mail. This is a special memory of mine as Todd died a short time later in a car accident. I smile every time I think of it or see this little box. I've actually kept the box this little Chameleon traveled in to Ohio from Texas all these years.


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