Little Things Do Make A Difference

By Eswar • January 24, 2015

it was my birthday and like anybody would want it,I was hoping it would be special. Not special in terms of cakes and toffees. But in terms of the monotony in my life. The monotonous selfish life i was leading. At that time all I perhaps really wanted was to help somebody to make this day different from other boring days of selfishness.

More than half the day got over and nothing changed. In the evening ,on my way to a temple, my friends mom had asked me if I had known the whereabouts of her son and I could tell her that he was involved in some drama stuff. So, he couldn't make it with me. And that's it. She thanked me and left.

But, people, I had a great satisfaction that i was able to do something.

So, there are times in life that we got to come out of our wells and try and make these small differences to others as well as our lives.


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