I Remembered My Purpose Today

By Blissful Beachbum • January 23, 2015

I knew from a very young age what one of my biggest purposes was supposed to be here on earth. I knew that I wanted to be a nurse, more specifically, a pediatric oncology nurse. I knew it in my heart without a doubt that was what I wanted to do.

Over the last couple of years, it has felt absolutely impossible. Logistically, academically, & financially it just didn't seem like something that was going to happen. Surrounding myself in situations that took away my joy didn't make me feel empowered either. I didn't feel like I could fight through everything it would take to make it happen, so I started trying to find something else to do with my life. It kept flip flopping, & it has continued to flip flop because none of those things are what I'm here to do. The only thing I ever felt passion in my heart for career wise has been being a nurse & hopefully bringing some kind of light into the lives of kids who are fighting the unimaginable. I have friends who are in nursing school, & hearing about it has made me beyond sad, because I wanted that as well. Remembering EMT school has made me sad, because that felt like a part of my life that was just over. I wanted to be done with nursing school by now, & it didn't happen so I just stopped thinking about it, because part of me feels like these last couple years have been a waste, even though they most certainly haven't.

But I would rather feel like the last couple years have gotten away from me than look back someday in the future, feeling like more & years have slipped away without me fulfilling my purpose. I refuse to live a "what should have been" life. I'm going to nursing school. I'm finishing what God has put on my heart, & nothing is stopping me this time. I don't know every detail of how I'm going to make it work yet, but where there is a will, there is a way. This is my direction & I'm going to make a road map to accomplish it. Through Him all things are possible.


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