We Are So Blessed

By David Musser • January 20, 2015

Last night I had the grand privilege to watch, American Sniper. I am at a loss of words to appropriately describe this movie. I am so grateful for the beautiful reminder of how blessed we are to live in this The United States of America. To me this movie was far more than just a tribute to one man. It is a reminder to me that there are many of us that have never been and may never experience first hand the horror of war but we have the privilege and responsibility to be love in action every day and to exercise more empathy.

"Tell me how he died...No! I will tell you how he lived!"

It's a new day, take a deep breath and live life to the fullest. Find purpose, find meaning. Live more, laugh more and love more. You have great potential, tap into it, believe in yourself like I believe in you! Have a blessed day!


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