God's Peace

By Ashii • January 20, 2015

We were having this farewell party for our friend in church at the beach. This beach has a fish sanctuary. I haven't thought of seeing it, I'm terrible in water and I don't even know how to bubble up.

My two friends came back from watching the fishes and corals and it captured my attention. I was all this giddy-up and excited to see it too. There was this life vests and other stuffs for rent. Me and my friend Ojinn and two others rented two life vests for me and Oj.

I was like "How will I do this? I'm so insane. I don't have any idea."

My friends taught me how to bubble up but I had a hard time on learning for the fear that it might suffocate me or something. My time was running out and it's almost time to go home.

I always talk to God on, "Please God give me a shot I really want to see what they saw there."

I had a couple more practice and then I just stared out on the waters and thinking, "I don't think I can do this. Better well give up."

Just then a voice spoke thru my heart saying, "Child you want to see my creations? Go there and don't be afraid and you'll see how beautiful it is."

In that moment I my heart was at peace and all I could feel was my fears fading and faith getting stronger at the moment. I didn't hesitate and started to ask one of my friend to go with me. As it got deeper and there I see corals. I tried to look at the fishes under water and to my surprise I was even down there for more than I've imagined. GOD IS AMAZING. That's what I thought. HE can do anything!

It was an awesome experience. God never fails you, just try your best. :) God bless!


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