A Boy Named KEATON

By Don Wilburn • January 31, 2013

He's probably not the dream that most parents have for their children. Thirteen years old, and like every other teenager...the world revolves around him. Sometimes you have to listen closely to understand what he's saying, but don't let that fool you...he knows what he's trying to say. Keaton has Down syndrome, but I'm quite sure he doesn't know that. He just LIVES LIFE kind of the way God intended. He doesn't know hatred, unforgiveness or prejudice. He simply wants a hug from everyone. Often out of the clear blue you'll get "Daddy, I love you"...and he better get an I love you in return or he'll be fishing for that again.

I'm learning a lot of things through Keaton that simply make me a better person. If the world could grasp one thing about persons with disabilities it would be that we are more alike than different. Our outward perception has no idea of the normal person that dwells within them. Love, acceptance and simple inclusion with whatever we're all doing enriches their life...just the same as it enriches ours.

One of the greatest things about Keaton is his devotion to God. He can't wait to go to church. When he gets there count him in for worship, expect him to be at the altar to be prayed for and don't be surprised when he greets you with a hand shake or a hug. Sometimes I wonder if he's just an angel on loan to us...stuck in a fleshly body trying to reach out to his Heavenly Father?


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