Letter To Myself

By Wonderwall16 • January 7, 2015

Dear Me,

I know what you're going through. I understand the depth of your pain. It was a mistake and all you can do is apologize. Been crying for hours helplessly. It's happened and now it can't change. So what's the next step? To give up and cry or mend the broken and join the pieces together. It's entirely your decision. Sometimes you've got to keep things to yourself. No matter how close you are, if you speak it out loud, it hurts. It does hurt someone and that causes you pain. The grief you're living in right now isn't permanent. It's all happening to make you stronger. To make you understand certain aspects of life. It's all for a reason. The reason doesn't have to be in your favor. But, it is right. We're all the same yet so different. It's going to be okay. All you need to give it is time.


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