Some People Are Magic

By Sunshine • January 5, 2015

Few months back, i was out with my girlfriends when i met this guy, he was a friend of my friend and he passed by to say hello, he sat with us for a while and i was oddly rude with him, i don’t know why, even though i didn’t know him, he was even surprised but that didn’t keep him from smiling to me the whole time... days passed by and he asked me out for an outing, i thought it will be a regular coffee date or dinner date, to my surprise he drove to the beach, i didn’t know if he knew how much i loved being around the beach, we walked bare foot on the sand and talked about life, we watched the sunset together, and God you should see the way he talks... he had a way that gives you chill just by listening to him, he took me places on that day, imaginary places in my mind, beyond belief places where no one could imagine going there just by hearing him talk...

after the beach walk, he took me up to a hill, he parked the car, blindfolded my eyes with his hands and walked me few steps until he removed his hands, i saw the city beneath us with extravagant lights, it was like a movie scene, the whole city below and we were watching it from above, he told me it was his favorite place whenever he wants to be alone....he was sad person and i loved his sadness

I lived a lifetime with him in my mind, I imagined how life with him would be surreal… but I knew it was bound to end soon

Days passed by and then months, now we only talk on occasions, it was never going to work out anyways, too many obstacles, but i always remember him...they say that ' Some people come into our lives and quickly go. Some stay for a while, leave footprints on our hearts, and we are never, ever the same'

Only few hours with him left a trace in my heart that no one will ever be able to erase....


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