What An Innocent Act Of Love Can Do To Your Mind

By Bala • December 19, 2014

This incident happened sometime in 2010 when I was on an official assignment in USA.

I used to take the bus regularly to my office and back home. On my way back home there was this guy who gets on my bus with his seeing eye dog. The dog was the sweetest thing I have ever seen. Oh, the patience it had with its master! Every time he got off the bus, it used to wait patiently for him to get-off (believe me, it took a while for him to get off). And then guide him in crossing a busy road and then onto his apartment. I used to see them almost everyday but never had the guts to go up to him and have a chat.

This happened for several weeks, and one day the guy was alone in the bus minus the dog. I was wondering what could have happened and by the time I was done wondering, his stop had arrived. He got off the bus with extreme difficulty, and in fact slipped on the pavement. From somewhere deep within, I had this urge to go out there and help him. The driver had started to close the door and get on his way, when I suddenly stood up and rang the bell indicating the driver to stop. The driver threw an amusing glance at me and shrugging, opened the door. There were even some weird glances thrown at me by some of the passengers, but i chose to ignore them all. I ran out and helped the blind guy on his feet and holding his hand and talking, walked him to his house. It took hardly 5 minutes to reach his place, but those 5 minutes is something which I will never forget in my whole life.

When I walked back to my own place, which was a couple of stops away, I realized what a transformation it had on me. I was just coming back after a hard day's work, and those five minutes had wiped away all of my worries.

I still do not know his name, nor what he does for a living. But I sure hope he is doing good!


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