Words Of Wisdom.

By Amol A Sharma • December 13, 2014

There was celebration all around.Smiles...laughter...noise...music..dance...jokes...All of u had been in college for five years.Everyone was in jovial mood.It was a party,then after a month we had our exams.All dressed in there best..though there was no theme of the party.The music was loved by everyone..The hall was decorated with ribbons,balloons,glitter,smiles.chair were neatly arranged but as the party progressed they were all kept aside.Then many danced with there own groups while few sat and enjoyed after getting tired.In one of the corner one of the teacher sat watching everyone..He was strict but was always there to help.

A student went to him alongwith a group of friends.He was little scarred but said sir you were the best teacher and we loved your lectures.The teacher was humbled,smiled and thought to give advise to kids.The budding flowers which he has nurtured with discipline and care.He observed entire group of 7 to 8 students minutely and said...Kids remember world is always reflection of your own self.If you smile you get smiles..if you spread happiness you get happiness,,,if you hate,you get hatred..if you respect you get respect.His words were were always cherished by each one.


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