Coming Together To Help A Stranger

By Carolyn • December 12, 2012

I was sitting at work in my office and a co-worker called down telling me to look outside. Apparently there was a group of people across the street at the courthouse looking for something in the grass.

I walked outside and asked them what they were looking for. A young woman had dropped her wedding ring and it mysteriously disappeared. I told them I would see if I had a something magnetic in the office and returned outside.

By the time I walked back outside, the search party grew from 3 people to 8. Random strangers walking by the courthouse stopped what they were doing to help this woman find her prized possession. Even a courthouse police officer came outside with a metal detector hoping to find the ring.

After about five more minutes of searching, we finally found it. It had rolled down the concrete sidewalk a good 12 feet, out of the range we were generally searching. You could see in her smile that she was very thankful for all of our help.

It is so nice to see people helping others in times of need. We all stopped to help this woman not even aware of what she had lost. We just wanted to help--out of the kindness of our hearts.


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