A Stupid Mistake

By Jai • November 29, 2014

It was a partial cloudy day with little drizzling in the air. I stood at a road side waiting for a cab so I could go to the Railway Station. Everything was going on just the way it was when suddenly I felt a voice beside me; it was a boy with tattered clothes and a face that surely seemed like it was never washed at all. I felt so abhorrent at that moment that I literally tried to pull my self away from that little boy because of a bad mood that I had inflicted upon myself.

The boy kept following me shouting out "Bhaiya! Bhaiya (Big Brother! Big Brother!) but I was too obstinate to answer him at all. My inner self was cursing the country for its poor conditions, those unhealthy little people that we all see sleeping on the pavements - as homeless as they could be. Always begging for money - it all kept creating a fuss inside my mind, making me feel more reluctant to answer that dirty little snob who kept calling me out. "Bhaiya! Bhaiya!" I heard him call out again. This further made me use words of profanity to execute my anger at the little kid, and the people of his kind.

Then finally after a few minutes of maddening summons from the little kid - I shouted at him that I had no money to spare him. And the boy without even bothering to hear my words of despair, said to me, "Bhaiya, can you please help me cross the road?"

The next moment was in Void. I couldn't feel my legs. The sudden feeling of mortification had engulfed me from within. Was this how I had become? Had Pride and Prejudice engulfed me to such a level that I judged that little boy to beg for money and food every time somebody passed by?

I held the boy's hand firmly - and for the first time without a feeling of disgust, without a feeling of distaste that he might not have taken a bath for days or weeks, I helped him cross the road, and that successful act of assistance created a new hope inside me. I realized that our being judgemental would surely create a devastating effect unless we overcome it. Judging people by a so called myth can ruin the closest bonding between friends and can commence wars too.


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