An Unexpected Life Lesson From A Cab Driver

By Chris • November 26, 2014

A taxi driver taught me an unforgettable lesson in customer service and satisfaction. I realized that motivational speakers charge hundreds of dollars to share this kind of lessons to corporate staffs. However, it only costs me a $10 cab ride.

I had a business trip to Dallas that time so my plan included a fast trip to and from the airport. A neat white cab pulled up and the taxi driver rushed to open the passenger's door for me. He also see to it that I was comfortably seated before he gently closed the door. As he got into the driver's seat, he told me that a neatly folded newspaper can be used. He then showed me several CDs and asked me what genre of music I would like to listen to.

I initially thought that this is a prank and a camera is hidden somewhere but I couldn't find one. I could not believe how excellent the service was! So, I commended the taxi driver and said

"You took a great pride in your job, friend. Can you tell me why?" I inquired as he started to drive carefully towards my destination.

"Indeed," he cheerfully replied, "I used to have an 8-5 job but I got tired of it knowing that my best would never be enough. So, I decided to find a niche where I could be the best there is! Of course I would never be a high-paying celebrity, but I love driving cars, delivering excellent service and feeling like I have done a full day's work with passion. I calculated my personal assets and…voila! I became a taxi driver. I know that to be good in this business, I could simply meet the expectations of my passengers but, to be the best in this business, I have to exceed them! it's always better than being average'"

This cab driver earned a big tip from me for displaying such a passionate and excellent service. I have also learned that if you really love what you are doing, you won't have to work a day in your life.


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