Time Waits On No One

By Phyllis Ward • November 3, 2014

My Mom was, as she put it, just country people. Nothing special just us. She was always doing something, never did she just sit down and do nothing. If she did, she would have her Bible reading God's word. There were four of us kids and each one of us was special to her in different ways. We were raised the old fashion way, if you got caught doing something wrong ,you got punished. But she always told us all this same thing:

"Everything you do, do it the best you can, never cut corners, give it all you have, and in the end you will get the reward for a job well done."

And she would end just about every sentence with this:

"Time waits on no one, do all you while you can."

And that's what rings in my head and my brothers and sister also. We say it all the time! Good teaching Mom!


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