Jesus Never Fails!

By Michelle Ann C. Sorio • October 13, 2014

At a very young age, I have known Jesus. I can proudly say that I grew up in the church. I have attended bible quiz bees, bible studies, retreats and other related activities of the church. I am a constant church choir member and a church song leader.

At a very young age also, I have been through a lot. A lot of of the bittersweet experiences life has to offer. Lots of ups and downs with my family and friends relationship, the community where i live, and even the place where i earn a living. People come and go in our lives, some of them can accept us for who we are and some cannot. As we travel in this world, we all experience being happy or sad, merry or not.

During the happy moments of our lives, we must always remember to thank Jesus, and during the times that life is like a rough road to travel, let us remember that Jesus is just molding us to become the best that we can be. He never will give us a burden we cannot bear. As long as you give Him your full trust, have faith in what He can do to your life, nothing is impossible. Don't let your problems get bigger than your faith. The Bible says, Christ is the answer and He never fails!


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