Choose To Be Kind

By Donald • October 8, 2014

I live in a small town in Oregon. Today, on the way home from spending the day at toddler school with our twins, my wife stopped at a local fast food chain called Burgerville. Long story short, she gets home and we realize they forgot an order of fries.

So the wife calls up and very nicely explains to them the situation, she offers to go back to pick up the fries. The manager refuses to let her come back to the store, instead he offers to drive us another burger and more fries at no cost, in addition he says he's going to bring a $5 gift card.

I just thought someone should know that good customer service still exists in the wild...and also, being nice gets you further than being rude. My wife could have been a total jerk, but instead she chose to be kind. Well, it paid off. Thanks Donald!


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