It's The Little Things

By Mike Fisher • October 6, 2014

To start my sad story, I have been dealing with severe depression and extreme anxiety for the better half of my short 24 year old life. Suicidal thoughts constantly running through my mind. Endless nights of crying over the turmoils life brings me. I am successful in my career, but always feel like I fail. I had the most important person in my life right next to me. Then watched as we fell apart. Through my heartbreak I've learned a hundred lessons about life and where we should be going. Family, friends and lovers were never really important until now. You have to lose everything sometimes just to see what life can bring you. As my depression continues to destroy me day by day, there is always one thing I will have. And that's my love for helping people. I believe in paying it forward and making things right. Some people don't understand what it's like to be an introvert with these feelings of love. And how to express it. The simple small things will always make me feel better. For example I changed an elderly woman's tire on the side of the freeway the other morning just out of reaction, and I cried the whole half hour drive home. Not because I was sad. But because of the pure joy I feel from helping people. if there is one thing to take from my story, is love your community. It just might save your life.


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