Free Of Fear

By Joseph J. Mazzella • October 6, 2014

Driving in the mountains of my home can be very interesting at times. Today I was driving home and taking in the Fall scenery. I smiled as I glanced at the changing leaves on the trees. They had become as bright and beautiful as the flowers in Spring. Just as I drove past a wonderful, red Maple tree I saw a large doe deer bounding across the road ahead of me. Knowing what might be coming next I stomped on the brakes and screeched to a halt just as a fawn jumped out of the woods and followed its mom onto the road.

I stared at the frightened, frozen fawn and waited while its mom came back to get it. I smiled as I watched them both run down the hill and disappear back into the woods. Then I laughed and thanked God for keeping me and "Bambi" safe. As I drove on I realized something too. Through the whole near miss I hadn't been afraid at all. My heart rate had stayed calm and breathing normal. It seems that as my love and trust in God have grown more and more over the years that worry and fear have largely left me.

Years ago I lived in fear of tomorrow. I worried about money. I worried about work. I worried about my children. I worried about my health. I worried about my future. I worried about death. I wasted far too many days on fear and worry. One day, however, I finally realized that God isn't afraid of tomorrow, so why should I be?

God loves us so much. He watches over the flowers. He watches over the trees. He watches over the deer. And He watches over us. He guides us, protects us, and helps us whether we realize it or not. Do your best then to live a life full of love and free of free. Do your best to trust in God. Do your best to give up worry and embrace joy. Do your best to help our Heavenly Father build a better, safer, and happier world for us all.


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