This Comic About NASA's Mars Rover Will Make You Sad, And Then Incredibly Proud

May 13, 2015

I never expected a comic about NASA's Curiosity rover to bring tears to my eyes, but this did...

mars rover comic emotional ending
credit: reddit / Original

Because it's about so much more than just a robot...

"Don't look at just the robot. Look at all of humanity. The robot literally represents the human spirit, our creativity and our drive for exploration. He laid down his life paving the way for us. Yes, he's left there and he dies. But we do come for him. And we can't save him, but he memorialize him. Because he is more than just a robot to us. He is a part of our history. One of our first true explorers in man's quest for space exploration. And we will always remember and honor that.

That's what I find most beautiful about it. We don't pick him up like he's just a robot. We don't pave over him for a parking lot or forget about him. We turn his final moments in a memorial for the rest of time. To forever remember the job he did for our species."

Credit: crgnam.

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