This Website Sends Your Enemies The Most Cruel Package Ever - A Glitter Bomb

January 14, 2015

We would never promote the idea of sending your enemies something in the mail to get revenge, or just to annoy them, until we heard about this amazing, new website.

glitter bomb enemies
Credit: Vice Magazine / Fast Ashleys Studios provides a very unique service. You pay them $9.99, and they send a personalized "glitter bomb" to the person of your choice.

send glitter in the mail

Your enemy (obviously it doesn't have to be your enemy) will find a non-threatening envelope in the mail which they won't realize is stuffed to the brim with glitter until it's too late. Once they pull out the letter inside, the glitter bomb will be released.

And we all know that glitter is impossible to get rid of...

"We really dislike glitter, the website reads. "It's in our clothes, hair, under the sofa and how ever many times you ever vacuum that carpet there's still glitter left. Now you can spread this wonderful experience to a person you dislike. It may be your neighbor, your boss, or that idiot next door who can't keep his TV sound down. We will send it in an envelope, together with a note describing how much their life is going to suck. The glitter will be hidden within the note, guaranteeing maximum spread as the victim opens to read it."

As of 1/16/15, we officially have our first video of the "glitter bomb" in action:

Check them out at

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