Journey To Belonging: Orphaned Baby Elephant Walks With New Herd

April 3, 2024

A beautiful scene of interspecies mingling took place at Hoedspruit Elephant Rehabilitation and Development (HERD) - South Africa's first dedicated Elephant Orphanage.

Seen here is Phabeni the elephant and his sheep comrads, Lammie and Spotty.

elephant walks with sheep
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The adorable trio was filmed taking a walk together over the weekend.


Phabeni, Lammie, and Spotty are hopping into Easter with their bouncing bunny ears in full swing! 🐑🐘 We hope you have a lovely Easter weekend, friends! 💚 #everyelephantneedsaherd #ourphabeni #elephantorphanage #herdelephants #babyelephant #elephant

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Phabeni's Story

Phabeni was rescued in November last year after being separated from his herd. The elephant calf wandered into the yard of a woman living near the Kruger Park, starving, injured and dehydrated.

HERD sprung into action.

Phabeni's first day at HERD

About two months later, HERD attempted to introduce Phabeni to a mother elephant in hopes that she might take him in as her own.

"We were holding our breaths as Phabeni rushed over to Lundi for this meeting! Lundi surrounded him immediately, protectively reversing toward him and touching his trunk with her own. It was an absolutely heartwarming introduction," HERD said.

The meeting was a huge success.

Phabeni Meets Lundi and Suckles From Her

You can follow Phabeni's story, along with those of many other rescued elephants, on HERD's social media pages.

HERD's mission is to provide care and rehabilitation for orphaned elephants, offering them a new family and a second chance at life. As exemplified in this story, they are fulfilling their mission with excellence!

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