A Pizza Hut's Hilarious Typo Takes The Internet By Storm

February 2, 2024

A Pizza Hut in Canada unwittingly became the center of online amusement when a seemingly innocent sign turned into an unexpected source of laughter.

The sign, proudly displayed on the front door, was intended to convey a message about unforeseen circumstances affecting the store's operations.

However, a tiny typo transformed the message into something entirely different and unintentionally comical – "unforeseen circumcisions."

pizza hut circumcision
Credit: @adamgreattweet on Twitter

The blunder quickly caught the eye of passersby, and soon enough, the Internet was buzzing with laughter as the photo of the sign went viral on social media platforms.

The local store's manager took to Facebook with a follow-up post, acknowledging the uproar caused by the typo. The post read, "We at Pizza Hut appreciate all our loyal customers!!! And how you're having fun with our little mishap yesterday. Damm auto-correct. We put up a new sign today."

pizza hut circumcision
Marc Girard

A local hospital even joined in on the fun.

"Hey Timmins Pizza Hut … stick to Pizza, we'll handle the circumcisions," they commented.

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