A Grape Escape: This Grape Hack Is A Must-Know

September 30, 2023

Have you ever found yourself dreading the laborious task of separating grapes from their vines? It can be a tedious and time-consuming process.

Well, there's good news!

A clever woman recently stumbled upon a remarkably efficient grape separation hack, and she's sharing it with the world.

grape hack

The Method: (Scroll down for video)

1. Gather Your Grapes: Begin by collecting a bunch of grapes that you want to separate from their vines. It could be a cluster fresh from the vineyard or a bag from the store; this technique works equally well for both.

2. Lay Out the Towel: Lay a clean kitchen towel flat on a table or countertop, ensuring it's large enough to accommodate the grape cluster.

3. Position the Grapes: Place the bunch of grapes onto the towel, ensuring the vine runs parallel to the edge of the towel.

4. Roll and Apply Light Pressure: Gently fold one edge of the towel over the grapes. Then, starting from the other side, roll the towel carefully, applying light pressure as you go. The rolling motion will coax the grapes to detach from the vine, leaving you with a pile of ripe, unharmed grapes.

5. Unroll and Collect Your Grapes: Unroll the towel to reveal the detached grapes, which can now be easily collected from the towel.

@stephanieburnaman I feel like everyone needs to know this… but why did I eat those with my mouth open like that?!? #grapehack #iwastodayyearsold #for40years #justagirlintheworld ♬ Just A Girl - No Doubt

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