There Is No Blue Door: These Confusing Perspective Photos Will Hurt Your Brain

August 28, 2023

These confusing perspective photos are not for the faint of heart.

Let's see how good you do.

Case 1: There is no blue door.

confusing perspective photos

What do you mean? Of course there's a blue door! Right??


Answer: The blue is the sky. It's a gate, not a door.

Let's move on to the next one.

Case 2: This man has been staring at me, motionless, for almost 30 minutes now.

confusing perspective photos

A paper mache head?

A turkey wearing sunglasses?

Answer: This is a bald guy with his sunglasses on his head, looking down and texting on his cell phone.

One more, let's go.

This one is a video.

Case 3: Wall? Where is the wall?

Wall? Where is the wall
by u/wahajube in confusing_perspective

He's obviously putting his drill bit through a mini wormhole opening in the space time continuum.

Answer: A concrete beam hanging at a height you have to duck to get under.

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