The 10 Most Captivating Epiphanies Of The Month

July 31, 2023

Welcome to our monthly compilation of mind-blowing revelations and enlightening moments.

Each month, we bring you the most thought-provoking and hilarious epiphanies posted by internet users from all corners of the digital world.

10 best epiphanies or shower thoughts
Photo credit: u/This-is-getting-dark on Reddit

1. Since people only kill the spiders they see, humans are acting as an agent of natural selection, causing spiders to be selected for reclusion and intelligence. We are making spiders smarter.

2. Alcohol is more socially acceptable to drink in public than milk.

3. In Monopoly the board game, if no players buy any property, everyone can get richer and no one loses.

4. We've never seen John Wick in his prime, only him after retirement.

5. The reason people suddenly drive faster when you try to pass them is because you showed them how slow they were going.

6. You don't realize how much of an honor it is to be invited to a wedding until you create your own wedding guest list.

7. Handcuffing a deaf person takes away their freedom of speech.

8. Eating two pieces of bread and butter seems normal. Eating a butter sandwich seems really abnormal.

9. Calling yourself an AI artist is almost exactly the same as calling yourself a cook for heating readymade meals in a microwave.

10. People laugh about how cats love boxes, but if there was suddenly a box bigger than you in your living room, you'd probably go in it too.

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