Hilarious Cracker Barrel Prank By Two Best Friends Leaves Viewers In Stitches

June 16, 2023

Two best friends pulled off a hilarious prank at their local Cracker Barrel store in Georgia.

cracker barrel new decor prank
@gash.79 on TikTok

The hilarious escapade unfolded during a slow lunch hour.

Ashley Zessin Shelley and Darcy Gashweiller waited for the right opportunity to place a new piece of decor up on the store's mantle when no employees were looking.

cracker barrel new decor prank
@gash.79 on TikTok

After they finished eating, the best friends posed for a picture in front of it and then drove home.

The hilarious "decor" is a framed black and white photo of Ashley and Darcey posing outdoors in overalls, while a chicken rests on Darcy's arm.

cracker barrel new decor prank
@gash.79 on TikTok

Watch the prank in action below.

@gash.79 #shitshow #bestfriends #sisters ♬ original sound - notltbrooks03

"This is the best thing I've ever seen," one commenter wrote.

"This is the kind of prank I can get behind!!! So cute and wholesome and nobody’s getting hurt," another wrote.

Two days later, Ashley and Darcy headed back to their local Cracker Barrel to see if their photo was still up.

@gash.79 Part 2 - Hey @Cracker Barrel can @MrsChop18 and I get the employee discount?🫣🤣🤣🤣 #thisis40 #bestfriend #stillthere #crackerbarrel #donttakeitdown ♬ Cheerful Whistle - AShamaluevMusic

The official Cracker Barrel account on TikTok commented on their video, too.

"I'll never tell," they wrote.

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