'2023 Mini Pooper': Cat Shelter Lists Cats Like They're Used Cars

June 15, 2023

The woman in charge of a small cat shelter's social media pages came up with a purrfect way to promote their temporary residents.

She made "cat listings" designed to resemble used car advertisements.

cat shelter used cars
Credit: pippisplace.org

Kayla Delcoure runs the social media accounts for Pippi's Place, a cat rescue in Atlanta.

While brainstorming ways to list the current felines, her husband walked into her office to show her a truck listing. He had been wanting to purchase a new truck and occasionally shows her the listings, she said.

This time the listing with detailed information about the year, make and model caught her attention.

CatVana was born

She pulled up the Carvana website and modeled a page off their car search page.

The felines up for adoption include a "2014 Furrari" named Arlis, a "2022 Meowzda" named Cassie, and a personal favorite, a "2023 Mini Pooper" named Mr. GoodBar.

Credit: pippisplace.org


cat listings like cars
Credit: pippisplace.org

Carvana loved it so much that they invited Kayla and the director of Pippi's Place to their dealership and surprised them with a $4,000 check.

"We've received an outpouring of encouragement," Kayla said. "People have even been asking to donate."

Plus, seven out of the original nine Catvana cats have now been adopted.

catvana listing
Credit: pippisplace.org

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