Elderly Neighbor Surprises Woman With Precious Gift

June 10, 2023

In a heartwarming act of kindness, an elderly neighbor surprises a woman who left a note in her mailbox with a touching gift.

feel good stories
Credit: Facebook

It all began when the young woman, who will remain anonymous, lost her Care Bear.

"Yesterday I left a note in my neighbor's (I don't know them) mailbox asking them if they have seen my Care Bear that fell out of my backpack in front of my house," she said.

When she got home, she found a package waiting for her.

feel good stories
Credit: Facebook

Inside the bag was a stuffed puppy toy and a letter.

The letter read:

"Dear little Girl Next Door,

I looked all around the yard and I didn't see your Care Bear anywhere.

Maybe he's off on an Adventure! And he'll find his way home someday.

Perhaps this little puppy won't replace your care bear, but I'm sure you'll give him a good home.

The Old Lady Next Door

You have very nice printing!

P.S. He's a little dusty from sitting on the shelf waiting for a little girl to need him."

There are good people in this world. I hope this heartwarming story inspires you today!

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