How To Live An Adventurous Life

May 20, 2023

If you dreamed of living an adventurous life when you were a kid, the message you probably got as you were growing up was that such a dream should be confined to childhood. Being a successful adult is all about living in a way that is stable, responsible, and predictable, and longing for adventure is just unrealistic. But what if that isn't true? What if you could be reasonably successful at navigating adulthood and do exciting things at the same time? It's not the easiest path in the world, but it is certainly possible.

adventure life

Your Career Choice

We spend an enormous amount of our lives at work, and it's necessary to get paid to live. Therefore, what could be more conducive to an adventurous life than getting paid to lead it? This can take many forms, and only you can decide which one will suit you. Do you want to be an explorer? There are still scientists and researchers who do field work in remote places around the globe. How about becoming a spy? They're not just the stuff of fiction and movies.

If that sounds a little too exciting, you could still look to joining the foreign service and getting posted all over the world. Few things are as adventurous as traveling into space, so perhaps you'd like to become an astronaut. Maybe you'd like to introduce others to adventure, teaching a skill like whitewater rafting or rock climbing. Of course, it doesn't have to be about physical challenges and danger; perhaps you find it exciting to explore new ideas or create incredible art. As you brainstorm what adventure means to you, try to link it to career choices.

Getting Your Degree

Many of the most adventurous jobs, astronaut, scientist doing research in the field, spy, require college degrees. The cost of an education can seem like a big hurdle, but you can go online to look for and apply for scholarships, some of which might even cover all of your costs. As a student, you have many opportunities to do exciting things.

You could participate in a study abroad. A few countries also allow American students to work there for a short time. You could explore new hobbies, activities, and interests. If you start school unsure of the exciting career choice that you're going to pursue, trying a lot of new things can help you land on the answer.

Your Attitude

A key to living an adventurous life is having the right attitude. If you go around saying no to most suggestions and keeping yourself closed off to people, it's going to be a lot more difficult to find adventures. That doesn't mean that you must say yes to everything, but you do need to be open to trying new things and listening to new ideas.

A willingness to get out of your comfort zone will serve you well. Keep in mind that it's that very term, comfort zone, that gives you a clue to how leaving it will feel. Although it sounds like a paradox, learn to be comfortable with discomfort, embracing opportunities to put yourself in situations you've never experienced before, will help prepare you for the thrilling experiences that you seek.

Start Today

A big mistake that people often make is putting off the things they really want until the time is right. This is how you can spend your entire life getting ready to pursue your dreams without ever actually doing it. You can't fulfill all your ambitions in a day, but you can start to live in a more deliberate way that reflects what matters most to you right now. That can be as simple as ordering something on a restaurant menu you normally never would or walking down a different street you've never been on before. You may need to work up to those big adventures, but you can start today on cultivating the mindset that will help you tackle them.

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