This Couple Filmed Their Wedding Day Just Like An Episode Of 'The Office'

March 29, 2023

Two "The Office" fans were getting married and asked the videographers to film their day in the style of their favorite show.

couple has wedding in the office style
VirtuReel Productions / YouTube

Justin Dowling and Ann Claire Crawford decided to plan a surprise wedding and told family and friends they would be getting married at the courthouse.

But they invited them to their "engagement party" which was actually their wedding day.

They hired VirtuReel Productions to film their special day but had an unusual request: a mockumentary-style wedding video.

"The Office is our favorite TV series. Justin and I have a tradition that every Christmas day we watch every Christmas episode of The Office," Crawford told Insider. "We are constantly quoting it, and our absolute favorite episode of the series is Jim and Pam's wedding."

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VirtuReel Productions has posted a "trailer" of their wedding day to TikTok and YouTube, which has collected thousands of views over the past few days.

In the video, Dowling and Crawford are interviewed before guests arrived. They have "Dundees" at the reception, and guests were interviewed The Office style throughout the night.

"Justin, John, and I gave them a list of questions to ask the guests and they interviewed them throughout the night," Crawford said.

VirtuReel Productions said they plan to release the full episode on social media once it's finished.

Watch the longer trailer on YouTube below.

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