Guy Meets Wholesome 'Disabled' Streamer On Twitch. Her Kindness Is Going Viral

January 16, 2023

A Twitch streamer with disabilities has gone from having a few hundred followers to more than 57,000 followers after an act of kindness.

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Twitch streamer Clbpsyduck

Cole Caetano is a social media user who likes to find wholesome Twitch streamers with almost no viewers and then get them some well-deserved attention.

He strikes up a conversation with the streamer and then gives the person a donation. This act of kindness generally ends with the respective streamer going viral and gaining thousands of fans.

In a recent video, Cole found a streamer who goes by "Clbpsyduck".

He noticed she had a "disabled" tag on her stream tags so he asked her about it.

She said, "I use a walker in my everyday life. I had 2 Scoliosis surgeries. I was literally close to dying just to starvation." She continued, "In honest truth, I am really not making any money."

@karvetv Clbpsyduck ❤️ #wholesome #disability #streamer ♬ Married Life (From "Up") - Sergy el Som

Cole told her his day was not going well as it was his birthday and no one had wished him a happy birthday.

Clbpsyduck put the game aside and sang "happy birthday" to him. To reciprocate her kindness, Caetano donated $100 to her stream and went on to gift her subs to complete her sub-goal.

After posting his interaction with her on TikTok, she has gained over 57,000 followers on the video game live streaming platform.

@karvetv This was beautiful❤️ #wholesome #disability #streamer ♬ Married Life (From "Up") - Sergy el Som

"This isn't about someone being a good 'content creator'. This is simply a good person deserving the good she puts out. Bless her," one TikToker commented on Cole's video.

"You give me hope that us humans can still make a beautiful and kind world," another user wrote.

"I'm sobbing at work and now I have to hide in the bathroom. Bless you, good sir, for your beautiful kind soul," Sarah commented.

"There's water walls coming out of my eyes right now this is the best thing I've seen on TikTok in so long," Jay said.

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