Mom Shares Daughter's Hilarious School Picture Day Results

January 6, 2023

"Better luck next year," Nicole Bartlett captioned her Instagram post about her daughter's school yearbook photo.

daughter funny yearbook photo
Credit: Nicole Bartlett / @nkbartlett

Bartlett's 3-year-old daughter's picture day photos didn't turn out quite as planned.

In her Instagram post, Bartlett shared a photo of what her daughter looked like before she went off to school. Then she posted the photo of her daughter's picture day results.

"It was her first picture day. I got her up a little early and explained to her it was a special day, you get a little bit of hairspray and hair gel," Bartlett told PEOPLE. "I had really, really high hopes. I usually let her wear her hair up for school just to keep it out of her face and everything. But for picture day, I wanted it down."

"Her classroom was scheduled for morning picture time at like 9:30. So I was like, 'Perfect. She's going to get off the bus, basically have breakfast, and go straight to pictures,'...that is not what happened."


Bartlett admitted she was a little upset at first. But when she began to show her friends and family she realized she had something special.

"They were like, 'This is something that's going to be shown on her wedding day. This is better than you could have imagined'," she said. "So we ended up ordering a huge package, and everyone is still getting their framed picture."

"I don’t know what she was doing, but she had the time of her life lol," one person commented on the post.

"She looks so happy though!" another user wrote.

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