People Are Sharing Their Hilarious Mistakes On Twitter

November 4, 2022

Jimmy Fallon asked his Twitter followers to share their embarrassing stories and the responses are hilarious.

"I took my car to get fixed because the window wouldn't roll up. I made it there just before it started raining. The shop had it fixed in two minutes. The window lock was on. They did not charge me, but it cost me some dignity that day." @AbbyTribble

"I am a middle school teacher, and when I was teaching the book Al Capone Does My Shirts, I had the title written in presentation. Unfortunately, I left the R out to shirts. I had written Al Capone Does My Sh!ts instead of shirts. I have never had a class laugh so hard!" @klennisd

"Tried to buckle my son into the back of my mom's car, but couldn't because it was a mess. I asked my mom in the front seat why her car was such a hot mess, then realized it wasn't my mom (or her car) at all." @jodiecolombo

"When I was 5 I wiped cream cheese from my hand onto my dads brand new dodge shadow back seat. He caught me and yelled “come on use your head!!” So I wiped the cream cheese on my head. 30 years later he still brings it up." @jbrad0618

"I would have checked the label on the sunblock I borrowed from a Cross Country teammate. Turns out it was muscle relaxer cream, and I started drooling halfway through the race since I applied it to my face." @Ashley_M_Lowry

"I would watch my step instead of tracking doggy doo into my date's truck! We had to stop at a car wash to rinse the floor mat and my shoe! We've been married 18 years though!" @tkrepps0918

"My husband took a short nap and woke up thinking it was 5:00 a.m. It was 5:00 p.m. He got up took a shower, fixed breakfast and went to work. He realized his mistake when the night crew was at his place of work." @Juiceguthrie

"Opening of Star Wars Phantom Menace an advertisement to silence your phone. I thought it was someone in the audience, so I stood up and yelled, “you better turn it off now!” My husband then informed me it was part of the intro." @BecksU11


"The time I went to a haunted house by myself & got escorted out for slapping a member of the haunted house. He scared me that good & I apologized the whole way out. I was found sleeping in my car in the lot afraid to leave. My parents were called." @MindFreaker94

"I'd have listened when hubby said to stay inside because icy roads were treacherous, instead of thinking if he & the mail lady could manage, so could I. #hewasright #brokenankle #2surgeries" @ShawnLBird

"I would have read the label on the blue Pledge can and not gotten it mixed up with the blue Coppertone can and would have sprayed sunscreen on myself instead of furniture polish" @_hey_teach

"My first job was waitressing in a VERY small town. I carried out coffee for refills. I tripped on the entrance mat. Spilled an entire pot of coffee on a group of women. No burns, but everyone knew by the end of the day. Embarrassing." @@CelenaBoBina

"Grabbed a rebound from the opposing team free throw and threw up a beautiful fadeaway jump shot with nothing but net…Two points for the other team" @@kenkaigle

"I'd go back to when I was 17 talking with a friend and she revealed a very traumatic event in her life. Trying to comfort her I meant to say "it's not your fault" but it came out "it's not your fart." At least we had a good laugh." @JurneesRainbow

"I would have CHECKED my mailbox to see the notice of suspended license due to unpaid tickets - before driving one night and getting pulled over & car towed. Having to pay just another $900 on top of what I already owed" @23Vaniece

"I wouldn't have given myself a haircut for my school picture." @HugatreeMe

"As a student nurse, I read a sign on a hopper( machine that cleaned metal bedpans) that said do not open when red light is on. I stepped on the level and dirty water flew out all over the room that housekeeping had just cleaned!! I was mortified!" @Suzanne98464108

"Had to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night. Was going back into the bedroom afterwards; didn't think I needed the light on. Wound up stubbing my toe on my Total Gym, and screamed like Marv from Home Alone when I did." @mutantapk

"I had my old Jeep checked bc the check engine indicator was lit. The gas cap wasn't clicked all the way, which cost me an hour of labor charge to learn." @onlyintheozarks

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