My Girlfriend Kicks Me Off My Spotify Account Every Morning. I Couldn't Be Happier

July 6, 2022

It's these small acts of love, when all added up, that make wonderful relationships.

A Reddit user shared this heartwarming story about how his girlfriend kicks him off his Spotify music account every morning. Many partners might get angry or change the settings so that this does not continue to happen.

But this man loves it. And the reason why is so precious.

heartwarming stories about love

This is what he wrote:

"My girlfriend (Female 22 years old) and I (Male 23 years old) live together. My day starts off much sooner than hers does. I'm usually in the office by 6:30am, which is about when she starts waking up. I'm one of the first people in the office, so I always put headphones on and listen to music as I start my day.

I get about 15 minutes of music before it stops and I get the notification that the output device has changed. This is because we have a Google home that's hooked to my Spotify account. When my girlfriend wakes up, she starts her day with 'Hey Google, play ...' So she has music when she's getting ready.

I always just leave my phone open to see what she's listening to, and when she heads out around 7:30, I get my account back. I'm sure that she has no idea that she's participating in this little routine, and I have no intentions of telling her. Sure, it'd be easy to swap it to her account, but I love to know that she's awake and starting her day listening to her favorite songs.

Another benefit of this is that I know what her current favorite songs are, so when we get in the car together or we're just sitting around, I know what songs will spark joy. Some days I think she's onto me.

We're both very happy together, and I plan on proposing here in a few weeks. I'm excited to spend the rest of my life with her."


His post received more than 30,000 likes, so he shared a few more details in an update.

"Hey Everyone! Your support is wonderful!! I'm so happy that you all enjoyed seeing a snippet of my relationship with my girlfriend. She's my favorite person in the world. If you think I'm sweet, you should meet her.

We met about five years ago in college. We argued over a seat in calculus, then ultimately decided to team up academically because we were in the same major. We were best friends for about three years, and now have been dating for two years. We live together with two wonderful cats.

The engagement ring comes in two weeks, and we have a trip planned next month to have a romantic getaway. I love photography and we both love hiking. Due to this, we always go hiking with my camera and tripod. We always take photos together at the peaks, so I plan on doing that when I propose! I'll try to post an update when it happens!

Love isn't some grand gesture, I've learned it's just a lot of little things that add up."

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