Meet Funky Geezer - The 72-Year-Old Musician Who's Become A TikTok Star

March 7, 2022

A musician known as the "Funky Geezer" in Charlotte, North Carolina, is becoming a TikTok star at 72 years old.

Woody Williams told the local news station that he had extra time on his hands when the pandemic started. So, he decided to download TikTok and post videos.

He did not expect them to take off.

Williams' videos have millions of views. He says he's been contacted by people across the world.

"I got Kazakhstan wanting me to do shows and Canada and England and Micronesia," he told Spectrum News. "I don't even know where Micronesia is."

But he's not chasing fame or money. He just wants to make people happy.

“My motto is to inspire until you expire," he said.

Listen to his beautiful blues rendition of "Somewhere Over The Rainbow" below.

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