The Istanbul Airport Has Sleep Pods That You Can Rent To Take Naps

January 17, 2022

The Istanbul aiport offers a great way to catch up on rest if you have a long layover: sleep pods.

sleep pods in airport

The airport has installed 25 iGA SLEEPOD mini sleeping cabins for passengers who want to rest before, after or between flights.

Travelers can rent a sleep pod for €6/hour between 7am and 7pm, and €9/hour between 7pm and 7am.

sleep pods airport

What about luggage? Is it clean?

There's a compartment for storing luggage underneath the mattress. The area is also fenced off for more security.

The pillow and blanket come washed in a sealed package. The fitted "sheet" for the mattress is like that material you find on those disposable hygiene covers in hospital beds. So when you're done, you put the pillow and blanket in a bin to be sanitized, and then a cleaning person throws away the fitted sheet and sanitizes the mattress with a disinfectant spray.

Inside the sleepod, there is a USB port and an electrical outlet so that the traveler can charge his phone and electronic devices.

Watch the video below.

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