Couple Creates Fake Lap To Keep 'Super Clingy' Cat Happy While They Work

March 2, 2020

A couple that recently started working from home needed to find a way to keep their "super clingy" cat occupied so they could get some work done.

Their brilliant solution? A fake lap.

fake lap for clingy cat
Credit: u/bubobaby / Reddit

Becky says their senior cat Ziggy needs human contact at all times.

"She just has to be on you," she told The Dodo.

But now that they're working from home, Ziggy started climbing all over their desks and keyboards.

"We just needed to keep her occupied for a while, and we hate shutting her out of our office because she just shouts until we open the door again," Becky said.

"When I have a 1-hour conference call it gets difficult because she gets quite vocal, starts trying to climb on my desk, batting at my headset wire."

The couple tried everything to keep Ziggy distracted, but nothing worked -- until they came up with the "fake lap".

fake lap for clingy cat
Credit: u/bubobaby / Reddit

The pants are stuffed with a duvet cover, and one leg has a heated mat inside of it.

"We tried just the trousers with the heat mat inside but she wasn't sold!" Becky said.

But after adding the stuffing and a pair of sneakers, Ziggy found her way onto the fake lap and sat peacefully for hours.

"I think the trousers are a bit too scary to keep up all the time," Becky said, "but we'll definitely put it back out when we have a busy day of calls!"

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