'He Came Into My Life Right When I Needed Him': Man Adopts The Most Unwanted Shelter Cat

October 1, 2019

A man went to his local animal shelter with the goal of adopting the most unwanted cat.

As it turns out, that cat was waiting for him all along.

"Kevin had been there three months and wasn't likely to be adopted," he said. "He crawled right into my arms, cuddled and wouldn't let go."

man rescues cat and cat rescues man
Credit: u/reymus on Reddit

Kevin is also helping his owner with his PTSD.

"He wakes me up from my PTSD nightmares and loves me unconditionally," he said in his post.

He went on to add a little more about Kevin after people started commenting on his relationship with Kevin.

"He purrs like a truck with a broken muffler, and he purrs so hard that it makes him cough.. So he'll purr like he's the happiest creature in the universe, and then suddenly have a coughing fit, look at me like he's sorry, then lays back down on my chest and starts purring again. He sleeps right next to my head, and if he senses I'm having a nightmare, he headbutts me in the forehead to wake me up, and then lays on my chest and purrs until I can calm down. He'll also wake my wife up if he senses her having a nightmare.


He's got a gimpy ear and he can't meow due to damaged vocal cords, so he lets out these death rattles whenever he tries to meow. That's always fun when he's playing with my other cat Bumble, because he attempts to get very vocal and it sounds like something's dying. But, he's the sweetest, most loving and empathic cat I've ever owned. I've owned a lot of great cats in my life, but he came into my life just when I needed him."

Commenters on the post agree that this was fate.

"Pretty sure it wasn't that 'Kevin wasn't likely to be adopted' - but rather that Kevin refused every other candidate 'cuz he knew you were coming."

"I just feel bad for all the people who he acted like he didn't like for the three months that he was waiting for you," another wrote.

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