Bingo World Records Around the World

August 14, 2018

Bingo is a fun game that people play around the world. From church basements to playing online, this game is enjoyed by a diverse crowd of all age ranges. This is why it may not be surprising to learn that many bingo world records have been set throughout the game's history.

According to the Guinness World Records and other record-setting organizations, these are just a few of the more notable ones.


Largest Game of Bingo

This record is an interesting one since Bingo can usually only be played by a few people at a time. Online bingo games can have more players, but space often limits in-person games.

Well, a large retailer in South America decided to host a game and set a world record at the same time. They ended up with 70,080 people in attendance. This record for the largest game of Bingo took place in Bogota, Colombia in 2006 and hasn't been broken in that time. The crowd was pretty happy too and won thousands worth of cash prizes.

Largest Online Bingo Game

Since online games can accommodate more players, many people who enjoy bingo turn to virtual gaming. Organized by Coca-Cola in Tokyo Japan in 2010, the largest online game of bingo was set here. There were 493,824 players in the game, which must have been a chaotic game! Even if you play in crowded online bingo rooms, chances are, you haven't gotten anywhere near this number!

Largest Bingo Card

This world record is one of the more amusing ones and was set by Gala Bingo in 2014. For their annual ball, Gala Bingo along with a team of reality television stars decided to set a world record. They build the largest bingo card measuring 4.98m x 1.99m. It was a great event and used to play bingo along with raising money for a charity.

Largest Jackpot Won in Bingo

Although the payouts for Bingo can vary a great deal, some games will pay out three digits for a jackpot. This is an impressive amount, but it's not even close to the record. The National Bingo Game Platinum Jackpot paid out 1,167,795 in English pounds in 2008 to their lucky winner, Soraya Lowell. The game took place in The Club 3000 in Coatbridge, Scotland and set a world record.

Highest Game of Bingo

Most games of bingo take place in halls or online but have you ever played at a high altitude? Well, 24 Gala Coral employees trekked up to Mount Everest's base camp and played a few games while they were up there. At an altitude of 17,500 feet above sea level, they set the record for the highest game of Bingo. It's probably going to remain the world record for quite a while!

These are just a few of the many records that have been set with the game of bingo. Whether you play online bingo or in-person, these records demonstrate how much people enjoy playing the game. This Ultimate Online Slots Guide can help you step your slots game up and get an edge on the competition, if you enjoy slots as well. If you're a dedicated player, you may even be able to break a world record or create your own slots world record.

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