They Were Both Waiting At The Post Office, So He Took Her For A Spin In His Convertible

July 10, 2018

A man in Sturbridge, MA, drove his BMW Z4 to the post office in Charlton City to get a new passport photo. He arrived around lunchtime when the post office was briefly closed and was waiting for it to open -- and that's when he met Beverly.

"Sitting in my car in front of the post office waiting 10 minutes because they're closed for lunch," he wrote on Instagram. "This woman tried to go in and I let her know they were closed for another 10 minutes. She started chatting and I jokingly said 'hop in, let's go for a spin to kill the 10 minute wait.' She did. Friends, meet Beverly."

man takes elderly woman for spin while waiting for post office to open
via Instagram

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