Dog Who Suffered Severe Burns Finally Meets The Vet Who Saved Him

April 21, 2018

Smokey the dog was rescued from a fire last year where the owner had chained him to a tree, causing severe third degree burns all over his body. Firefighters found the dog, cut the chain and rushed him to a local animal hospital.

Smokey stayed at Jupiter Pet Emergency and Specialty Center in Jupiter, FL., for two months in recovery, before one of the employees, Dr. Katelyn Thomas, adopted him.

During his stay, Smokey was treated and cared for by Dr. Latimer, who is clearly remembered by the grateful pup during their first reunion.

Nine months later, Smokey is living an amazing life.

In the video below, published on March 11, 2018, Smokey is the lead dog in the city's annual animal rescue walk and sees Dr. Latimer again for the first time in months.

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