This Guy Created A Dad Bod Fanny Pack For Dads Who Want The Bod Without The Health Risks

September 19, 2017

A dad recently designed a fanny pack that he is calling the "Dadbag" and it's both disturbing and hilarious.

dad bod fanny pouch

"I made the dadbag because I'm desperate to have dad bod but I'm also very concerned about the health risks associated with it," Albert Pukies wrote on Bored Panda. "The solution is quite simple, a bumbag with a proper dad belly printed on it. Now I can put on a dad bod whenever I feel like it and even store my valuables in it."

dad bod fanny pouch

The Dadbag comes in every dad body type - including hairy, hairless and sunburnt due to passing out at the pool after too many beers.

dad bod fanny pouch

If you don't want one for yourself, it would make the perfect gag gift.

dad bod fanny pouch

So far the reactions to the Dadbag have been mixed.

"Wtf is this nonsense. I've worked hard for my dadbod over the years and now you will let just anyone have it? It's a real commitment people."

"Hahahaha... think I will not be able to stop laughing if I ever see this on street. Ingenious."

"Maybe if I wear the really hairy one when I go to bars I'll be left alone AND not have to carry a purse! Win win."

dad bod fanny pouch

(h/t) bored panda. Learn more at

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