Kevin Smith's Experience At The Airport Teaches Us Not To Judge A Book By Its Cover

April 19, 2017

Actor and filmmaker Kevin Smith was grabbing a bite to eat during a recent layover at the Dallas airport. But when an older couple walked up to him and tapped him on the shoulder, he was stunned.

This is what "Silent Bob" shared on Facebook:

"I am a profiling asshole. Here's how I know: yesterday, I was traveling to #iowacity with a layover at the sprawling #Dallas airport. I had an hour to kill before my next flight, so I rolled up on a crowded @pappasitos and asked for a table for one. The hostess seated me next to an older couple who quietly sat across from one another.

Based on nothing more than a one second observation, I clocked them as a pair of white hairs who'd been married so long that they'd run out of shit to talk to each other about while eating at a restaurant. I ordered fajitas and put in my earbuds, checking emails and listening to #digitalunderground until the food arrived.

Then, as I was about to eat, I felt a tap on my arm."

silent bob never judge book by its cover kevin smith

"I pulled my earbuds out to hear the older man say 'Mr. Smith. I hate to bother you, but can I get a picture?'

I was gobsmacked. Here I was reducing these folks to a stereotype, but they were only being quiet because they were like 'Holy shit... it's Silent Bob..'

We talked all through our meals and I learned that Marty & Patti Hansen of #oklahoma knew a good deal of my work, turned onto it by their son. They were such lovely folks that when the check came, I thought 'I'm gonna rock their tiny white-haired world by paying for their meal.' But no check came for me - because THEY bought MY meal. I was double gobsmacked, then gobsmacked a third time when I realized that even after I'd met and spoke with the Hansens, I was still profiling these fine folks by assuming I'd impress them if I picked up their tab.

But in the end, Marty & Patty made an impression on me, as well as reminded me not to judge any book by the cover. Plus: free #fajitas!"

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