Mom Goes Viral After Daughter Shares Her Before-And-After A Night Out Photos

March 23, 2017

Donna is all of us before and after a night out.

She's also all of us after a night out.

mom hungover funny before and after

Donna's daughter, Brooke, took both photos of her mom, and then did what teenagers do and shared them with the world on Twitter.

The pictures quickly went viral with more than 34,000 likes by people who can relate to Donna's situation.

funny stories moms

Brooke later shared a third photo making the whole situation even more relatable with her mom laying in bed on Sunday afternoon.

"Never seen anything more accurate", and another wrote, "this is way too accurate."

mom hungover funny

Brooke told Metro that her mom does not mind the photos going viral.

"She's just glad she can make so many people laugh at the state she wakes up in after a night at the pub," she said.

"She thinks it's hilarious. She doesn't know who she feels more sorry for, William, her husband, having to wake up next to that or myself and my sisters as that's what we'll look like in 20 or so years."

Donna has officially become the human version of this popular meme:

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