THIS Is What Makes America So Great!

December 7, 2016

This humble man's interview on Humans of New York reminds us all to be thankful for what we have, and that there's so much joy to be found in simple, day-to-day acts of service.

Ghana man interview humans of new york

"I come from Ghana. I'm always smiling. People ask me: 'Isaac, why are you always smiling?' I tell them: 'What else can I do?' I am so blessed to be in this country. I work in customer service at the CVS on 57th Street and I love it. CVS is the best place that I love so much. I help people with their needs and it makes me so happy. I help them with their coupons. I help them with their medication. People bring me their challenges and I solve their problems. You can say that I am their champion. I am not a citizen. But when I help people with their problems, that makes me part of the community. So I do feel like an American."

After digging a little deeper, we found this Yelp review of Isaac's heroism:

this is what makes America so great

Source: Humans Of New York

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